The Butler’s Kitchen is a family owned and operated business. We proudly manufacture all of our beautifully designed cabinetry. Our newly renovated show room features some of these breath taking kitchens and bathroom spaces. We provide full kitchen, bathroom installation. Our design services include a free consultation with one of our talented designers in our showroom. We will work with you to design your space with creativity, functionality, that meets your needs.

We display a diverse range of products in our show room, solid wood that can accommodate any budget. Features such as cutlery trays, spice racks, garbage and recycling bins and so many other accessories are available to add convenience and luxury to your space.

If you wish to take the task on yourself, any of our cabinetry can be ordered and provided for you to install yourself.

Summary of business activities:

  • Customer consultations including picking materials, colours, designing cabinetry that will work best for the space allowed.
  • On site consultation and measurements.
  • Order is submitted to processor to organize specifications according to station in the manufacturing shop.
  • Purchasing manager orders all necessary parts, materials, stains etc. for the job.
  • Production shop manufactures and assembles all components to the order.
  • As required the order is received in the finishing shop for stain or paint and inspection.
  • All locally, in house manufactured cabinetry is delivered to the job site for installation.